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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Birthday Girl!

I have a friend by the name of Abigail. Her oldest daughter is about the same age as my youngest sister. She recently threw an impromptu birthday party for said daughter (Millie), and invited me and my sister. By "impromptu", I mean she gave me all of two days' warning.

As soon as my sister found out she was invited, she went about scheming to wear her "Fancy Dress". I say scheming, because, unlike many people predicted, she doesn't wear this dress non-stop. I think she finds it too much of a bother. In fact, she usually only chooses to wear this dress when she knows she will have an audience to admire it.

"Sure, sure," I thought. "Outshine the birthday girl."

And then, the other, trouble making side of me says, "Not if the birthday girl had a fancy dress, too!"

"I can't make a dress with this short notice!" Speed sewing is not my strong point.

"Couldn't hurt to try, could it?"

"But where would I get the fabric?"

"Oh, you have some fancy pink remnants. Millie loves pink."

"I didn't make a fancy dress out of that earlier because there wasn't enough!"

"You don't have to use a fancy pattern. . . the fabric would be fancy enough."

thoroughly talked into it, I commenced to making a dress. In less than two days.

Alas, speed is not my strong point. I was sewing the buttons on in the car, and I never did finish the seams allowances. Super-model Millie sure can make my sewing look good. . .

When Millie discovered the pink thing at the bottom of the gift bag was a dress,I couldn't decide which reaction was more amusing:

Abby: Did you make that?!

Me: Yes.

Abby: In two days?!"

Me: Yes!

Abby: Are you CRAZY?!

Me. Yes!

All other proceedings ceased, in favor of trying on the dress. The dress was then put through all necessary testing--for instance, does it properly twirl?

I think the dress passed the test.

The dress has been cleverly made with 1 pink satin remnant, 1 plus-sized discarded silky-polyester blouse, some of this mystery peach pebbly-crepey-shiny synthetic fabric, and some of this synthetic pink mock-embroidered organza, a few lengths of ribbon that didn't match the color of any of the fabrics, and 4 buttons from my great-grandmothers collection. Here, you can see the peach fabric peeking out from behind the transparent pink fabric, and you can see the detail on the buttons a little better.

I hear Millie has been wearing it whenever possible. Which is good, because it certainly won't be fitting her next year. (Don't worry, she has two younger sisters.)

But I think, not to be too presumptuous, that probably there's a pretty good chance that I might be invited to her birthday party next year. ;)


Blogger Kathy said...

As your mother, I feel compelled to point out that, while you were sewing on the buttons in the car, someone else was driving. Just so that's clear.

9:49 AM  
Blogger Abigail said...

That's good to know. :)

Thanks again and again for using your skill to make Millie (and me!) so delighted.

And just so this is truly are crazy.

8:11 AM  
Blogger Tatterdemalion said...

It speaks of my driving habits that it never once even began to cross my mind that anyone would sew on buttons while driving. No, I was not driving, my brother was. And when he got out at Grandma's and I drove the rest of the way, both hands were clenched quite tightly on the wheel the whole way there and the whole way back.

I hate driving.

10:37 AM  

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