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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I now have an ebay account, "tatterpatterns". I hope to start listing this Saturday, so tell all your friends, neighbors, co-workers, relatives, or any one else you know who might possibly want to buy patterns!

Paypal will be accepted (in fact, encouraged).

Patterns will be shipped in flat-rate ($4.05) Priority Mail envelopes, which I realize is a bit more inconvenient (expensive) for the buyer. However, this lets me devote more of my time to verifying the contents of pattern envelopes, writing accurate and helpful descriptions, answering any and all questions quickly, listing more patterns for you to chose from, and shipping promptly. The good news is, I can usually fit 4 patterns in an envelope, snugly but comfortably. (No mashing or man-handling of the patterns required to get them to fit.) In some cases, such as larger patterns (e.g. designer patterns, or other patterns marketed with a larger envelope) or thicker patterns (patterns using massive amounts of tissue paper), I may not be able to ship as many per envelope. I would be delighted to combine as many orders as can reasonably fit, to make your shipping money go further.

A sneak preview of some of the patterns I will be listing during this pattern sale can be found here. (I don't know how many I'll get listed the first day, or which ones I'll be listing first.)

Anyone with a collection of patterns themselves may want to arrange a trade with me, instead--look over at Krystin Baker's forum for more details.


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