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Monday, June 05, 2006

Stupidity, squared

Stupid thing to the first power: Leaving the window open.

Yes, they predicted rain. They'd been predicting 70% chance of rain for the last several days, and we'd never get more than a sprinkle. Yes, I did wake up and hear the torrential down-pour. Yes, I did think to check to see if it was coming in the windows---of my bedroom. No, there was no damage to the sewing room. Why? Because of the nice pile of fabric right underneath the window, including a lot of yards of muslin, a lot of yards of a cherry/cranberry colored fabric, and my favorite cherry-and-vines-on-a-cream-background fabric, soaked it all up like a sponge.

Stupid thing to the second power (and exponentially much stupider): throwing them all in the wash together.

Yes, I do know that red fabric often bleeds. Yes, I do know you are supposed to sort by color. And yes, I did even happen to see that the red fabric was dripping kool-aid like puddles of dye whilst sitting rain-soaked under the window. Yes, I still did throw them all in the wash together. No, I have absolutely no excuse whatsoever. The closest thing I can scrounge up for an excuse would possibly be that it was the first thing I did that morning, and my brain was sleep-fogged. But that's a pretty lame excuse, even for me.

Stupid, stupid, stupid!!

So, after opening the washer and feeling of mild shock (and perhaps nausea), copious amounts of hot water and oxygen bleach, I have managed to reduce my cherry-kool-aid muslin to apple blossom pink, and a pale peach. That I don't care about. My print fabric appears to be about as good as it was going to get. The selvedge is uniform messy-child-drinking-cheap-beverage pink, but since the rest of the fabric had been dyed (cream), it seems to have fared pretty well. There are a few splotches here and there (I think from where the red fabric had been dripping onto it in the middle of the night) that I can't seem to get out, but I'm hoping--with a careful cutting--that I can still get my dress out of it.

It is just so immensely stupid. I get this pattern I like, buy fabric I like, find out the pattern doesn't fit me, wrestle fruitlessly with pattern alterations, learn how to draft a sloper, begin re-drafting the pattern design from scratch, and then leave long-awaited fabric under an opened window so that it gets rain soaked, and then toss it in the wash with an un-washed piece of red fabric!! I mean, really! What was I thinking? I did not get what I deserved; if I had, the fabric would have been totally unsalvedgeble. As it is, my ego may have suffered more than my fabric, which I do not regret.


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