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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Yet another reason to begin at the beginning. . .

I've kind of been doing birthday presents in a theme or series. . .but I didn't start posting pictures at the beginning, which has been driving me nuts. This is the first one, which I did before I started my blog, I think. I was on a really short deadline, and just threw it together. It's basically just two pieces of tissue lame sewn together, with a bound neckline and some bobbin embroidery and sequins. (It goes with his cape, which is red felt and green tissue lame. The whole thing is terribly gaudy, but the younger the kid, the more they like gaudy stuff. He loves it.) It used to also have a belt--a length of pre-made sequin trim in the matching colors--but I think it's either lost or destroyed now.

I used different designs on the center back for each side.

Here you can see the decoration in better detail. The green is the "inside" right now, but when he wears it so that the red is the "inside", the center back motif you see right now will be on the outside. (Did that make any sense?) Quick and dirty, but it serves it's purpose. He'll probably be needing a new one soon enough anyway, seeing as they're all growing so much.


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