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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Hey, look!

Look at this. (I actually first found it at Dressaday, but couldn't find a way to permalink to the post.)  Now look at this. I can't help but think that this green top is trying hard to turn into a dress.

That's all.

There haven't been any inflammatory articles even tangentially related to sewing; there aren't any more sewing books in my local library system (libraries don't seem to be too thrilled about stocking all the sewing books I still want to read); and I haven't finished any more crazy projects. Yet. I have quite the doozy (in terms of both craziness and project-ness) that is nearing completion, and that is mostly what I've been working on. If I can squeeze it out of my fabric. There will definitely only be shreds and scraps leftover by the time I'm done. I'd like to say I'll be able to blog about it by next weekend, but if I even pretend to be realistic, it won't be for two weeks. In true reality, life will probably get in the way again, and it will be even longer.


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