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Monday, January 22, 2007

I'm moving!

So posts have not been sparse only because I'm lazy and lacking (and also, here's my sympathy plea, sick), but also because I've been working on a new blog. I've been wanting to switch off of Blogger because it's grown to be constraining--or rather, I've grown. I was going to switch to, but I got an even better offer. I'm moving to the Ethereal Land, where taxes are cheap, I get free tech help from the Technical Exorcist, and being crazy is the norm. I am also currently the "editor" of the Arts Section of the Ethereal Voice.

I was going to double post between here and there until I got my new blog looking/working right, and maybe imported a lot of my old posts. However, that's obviously not happening, or at least not happening as quickly as I would like. So you can come visit now, instead. I won't be posting any more to my Blogspot blog, but I'm not taking it down either. It may be your main source of archives for quite some time.