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Sunday, January 22, 2006

English Cut Blog

. . .can be found here. This is a blog that has something for everyone--customers, people interested in learning tailoring, and people who are interested in the cultural aspects of a tailor on Savile Row. I am mostly interested in learning tailoring, and find this site to be fascinating. Unfortunately, it isn't updated very often. This always used to drive me nuts, until, of course, I started my own blog. Suddenly, a bright light shown forth! Ah, maybe he's got a life other than spending fruitless hours writing fascinating posts in hope of enlightening the silent lurkers!

If you do check this site out, please do not be the 153,000 person to ask whether or not he tailors for women. The answer is yes, he does. (In fact, I'd almost be willing to bet that if you paid him enough money, he'd be willing to tailor for anything, up to and including your pet goat.) He has answered the question of women's suits a few times, but generally doesn't reply to the comments. If you doubt me, search on his site for "women", and you will find his post where he clearly states that he cuts for women of all sizes. While we're on the subject of ladies, I have to share this quote from his blog:

"Ladies are often asking me what opportunities there are for them in the business. Quite simply, they can and do the same as men, often a lot better. However the only real restriction which I've seen is that I'’ve never known any ladies do the actual measuring of customers.

They'll often get the measurements from a colleague, then go cut a suit as well as anyone, hidden in the back of the shop. But sadly many of the customers don'’t feel comfortable having the 4"” brass end of a tape measure thrust up between their legs by a lady.

It's not Savile Row that's against it, people have tried. It's the customers who are, and from a tailor's standpoint there's no point in digging your heels in- because as with all businesses, the customer ultimately is paying the wages;"

Yes, indeed!


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